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Ihr Traummann Daniel Vlz uerte sich jetzt ffentlich ber seine Hochzeit und ein Baby mit seiner Ex-Freundin. ber 500 kostenlose Filme kann man auf Maxdome online schauen, dass die Ghostbusters um Bill Murray alias Peter Venkman 1984 fr eine der denkwrdigsten Komdien der 1980er Jahre sorgten. The Titan luft Bumsköpfe dem 30.

Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu Die Bumsköpfe. Franco, La Rosa und Tatuzzo haben nur Sex im Kopf, allerdings keine Chnace bei den Mädchen. Aber​. Die Bumsköpfe, Edwige Fenech. Film - Buchzentrum: Der starke Partner für Handel und Verlage ○ Umfassendes Sortiment mit Büchern, Spielen, Kalendern,​. Die Bumsköpfe. Sexfilm | Italien | 82 Minuten. Regie: Nando Cicero. Kommentieren. Teilen. Ein Privatschüler aus der Oberschicht versucht, seine Lehrerin.

Die Bumsköpfe

Von Nando Cicero. Mit Edwige Fenech, Vittorio Caprioli, Alfredo Pea, Mario Carotenuto, Carlo Delle Piane und Stefano Amato. Die Bumsköpfe. Sexfilm | Italien | 82 Minuten. Regie: Nando Cicero. Kommentieren. Teilen. Ein Privatschüler aus der Oberschicht versucht, seine Lehrerin. Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu Die Bumsköpfe. Franco, La Rosa und Tatuzzo haben nur Sex im Kopf, allerdings keine Chnace bei den Mädchen. Aber​.

Bumsköpfe Die Bumsköpfe 1979 Movie Overview: Video

Bumskopf Jamie Wierzbicki - Finalist NightWash Talent Award 2013

M Magicus. November 18, On Demand Sky Disappointingly the rest of the film is a bit of a shambles starting off like an Italian Porkys before going a bit rapey at the end. Many a trousers were tightened as a result also . Was kann man aber auch von einem Film erwarten, dessen Name 'Die Bumsköpfe' lautet? Ein schwer notgeiler Rotzlöffel versucht sich mit den plumpesten Annäherungen an seine Nachhilfelehrerin ranzumachen, was beinahe mit einer Vergewaltigung endet, bis sie sich dann doch endlich fügt und schließlich auch verliebt. The School Teacher is an Italian comedy from starring Edwige Fenech, who "plays the sexy private teacher of Franco (Alfredo Pea) who immediately falls madly in love with her. Die Bumsköpfe (tr/de) Expand alternate titles [+9] Reviews chrismass61 Nov 05 Ah, the Italian sexy comedy. *5al(HDp)* Film Die Bumsköpfe Streaming Deutsch *5GD(HDp)* Film Woyzeck Streaming Deutsch *5l2(HDp)* Film I Want to Eat Your Pancreas Streaming Deutsch. Read about Der Uschi-Muschi Waltzer by Bodo Ballermann & Bumsköpfe and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists. heroes3hota.com - Kaufen Sie Die Bumsköpfe günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer. Bumskopf. Sprache; Beobachten · Bearbeiten. Weiterleitung nach: Schokokuss. Franco (Alfredo Pea), Sohn aus wohlhabendem Hause, und seine beiden besten Freunde, der dicke La Rosa (Stefano Amato) und der kleine Tatuzzo (Alvaro. Von Nando Cicero. Mit Edwige Fenech, Vittorio Caprioli, Alfredo Pea, Mario Carotenuto, Carlo Delle Piane und Stefano Amato.

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July 15, Danach war ich noch kurzzeitig in Schweinfurt bei den Amerikanern als Elektriker beschäftigt. Ich hoffe auf ein paar Mails von denen die mich kennen.

Ken Loar. Obviously I've spent too much time in front of the TV. Dwayne Schnieder was in fact Matt Schneider. Sorry Matt. Sonntag, Bedford, TX.

Wildflecken gave me the first and only White Christmas. Merry Christmas to all those who contributed to my life during my tour of duty. SSG Legg, Sgt Bell, Sgt Barnett, Sgt Newsome, Gerald Zimmerman, Danny Cotton, Jackie Crawford, Kenneth Friar, Kevin Koehler, Dwayne Schnieder, Howard Bobo Wines, Rex Baumgartner, Michael Tikunoff, Ernest Emerson, Ronnie Hernandez, Edward Quintal, Ricky Griffith, Justin Martinez, Filmer Kewanyama, Willie Kemp, Wydick, Berry, Tumoe, Jenson, Mifsud, Wheeler and many more.

A bunch of great guys, great soldiers and great memories. Peace, brothers. And warmest wishes for those that remain.

Sorry, i never learned the language. Spec Loar Four. Tom Bridges. Bowling Green, Ky. Aug Feb Great web site!!!

Hello to all, would love to hear from old friends. Had some really good times while there. Would love to go back one year and take my daughter to see whats left of the rock that she was born on.

To all who loved the chicken have a toast and the ones who didn't can have one also. Have a great day!!! Kevin C.

Allentown PA. July thru December What a find when I ran across this website. It just brought back all the fond memories of my short stint in Wildflecken.

The weather was great, the food was awesome as long as it wasn't from the mess hall and the German beer was fabulous. I still remember walking the hills around the post and the nasty climb down to town on those God awful cobble stone pathways.

But it was always worth it. The times I could get away from the post to go to Fulda, Wurzburg, Bad Neustadt and Frankfurt were awesome.

I'm just glad I got out of there before the weather got too bad. I still remember leaving Wildflecken after getting done with a 2 week bivouac and riding back to base in the back of a deuce and a half during a snowstorm huddled together with my company buds to stay warm.

What a sight, five guys clutched together and covered with a 40 man tent to stay warm. Have not heard from guys from my unit a Co. Can't believe none of you nimrods have not found this site.

Would love to hear from some of you guys. Billings from OK. I know they don't have computers in Oklahoma. Jurgenson I know they have computers in So Cal.

Formel, we'll stay in touch. What is with the rest of you guys? I know most of us are pushing fifty. And the computer rennissance has not hit too hard on us.

So please guys, e-mail me back, anybody in A Co. SP4 Holcomb OUT. Feeny, we'll stay in touch. Christopher K.

KasualB1 aol. Philadelphia, PA. HHC 54th Engr. Battalion - B Co. One place to hate and one place to love. One of the best times of my life. To all that I have met while I was stationed at the Rock.

Inman, Sgr. Spears, Carter, Williams and all those I could not name. The ROCK has taught me one thing in this life. TO KILL OR DIE BRAVE!!!!! Email me comrades TO OF THE ROCK.

Mittwoch, Michael Lutus. We ran our tanks down to Wildflecken on flatcars Rail , in the spring for about two weeks.

Lots of Blackberries!!!!!!!!!!! John Ahlquist. Sarasota, Fl. Company B, th MP Bn. Just came on this great site.

So many memories it's hard to know where to start. I remember getting off the troop train in Jossa with only two others, both who were going to the 3rd ARB, 50th Inf.

An E-5 on the train had told us we'd be sorry we ever heard of Wildflecken. He was wrong. There were great memories for me, along with a few bad, but the bad ones were my own doing.

That's another story. There were only 10 or 11 MP's there when I arrived. A first Lt, a cpl, and the rest SP4, PFC, and Pvt's. We lived on the 2nd fl of the PostOffice, with 3 or 4 APU guys on the third fl.

It was a beautiful place, but those winter months were something. Guys from the 50thInf and 54th Engineers can tell that better than me.

Being in the MP's had its perks. No curfew for one thing. I remember the Famiina Bar, The Atlantic, Spang's, The wurzburger hof, Wolfgang's, the Barnhof, and others.

About 6 of the guys were married and lived off post. They were all married to German girls. I was just an amazing time for me, and I'll always have good memories of the hill.

I worked with Heinz Giessen, a german interpator, and quite a guy. He spoke English with a British accent, and also spoke Russian. Heinz and I tipped many a glass together.

Some of the guys I would love to hear from are Tom Talamantes, Richie Cannara, Tommy Caslander, Odie Hollis, Jack "Charlie" Brown, John Barbara, Joe Bagnato, Eddie Went, Gus Williams, Mid Harmon who I did see a few years back , and many others.


I'M IN DENVER, COLORADO NOW. November - Brian Handyside. B Btry. This is a second entry I signed guest book a few years ago.

Glad to see all the past Wildflecken Vets are able to communicate in the Wildflecken web sites. Great pictures added in this site in the last few years.

Anyone from my unit, or anyone who served in HAWK Missles drop me a line. Freitag, Gregory S. Lots of great memorys. Chad Coleman.

Anybody from Eagle Troop still alive? Send me an EM. Steve Dudek. Anyone that was in C company at that time is free to contact me.

I have fond memories of the place and a few I would like to forget about Jerry's and the Green Goose. Robert Schmid. DEH Electric Shop.

J working over 20 Years in the DEH Electric Shop. In this Time I found many Friends. Now I be working by the German Bundeswehr also as Electrican.

May be somebody now me and send my a message. Good luck for you and all good Wishes for the Future. Hi everybody! Like to see Panorama Photos of current Wildflecken and former WTA?

Montag, Davy Davidson. I was with Bravo company and actually lived with our mascot boxer "Bravo". Anyone know how long he lived past What a great dog!

Also roomed with Jasper and before that Abbott. A couple years ago I spoke with Jasper but he is the only one I have talked to in all these years.

Lots and lots of memories. Anyone hear from Happney, Abbott, Jarmen, Rosebud, Kimi from Jerry's Keller Bar, Johnson, Connie M. I look forward to hearing from anyone that remembers our times in Wildflecken together.

Hope to hear from you soon. Donnerstag, 7. Markus Hirschmann. September - Juni PzArtBtl Jaja, is schon wieder so lange her. Wäre schön, wenn sich mal ein paar melden würden aus der Zeit.

Einfach ne Mail schreiben. Das gilt auch für unsere geliebten Dienstgrade HFw Voll, OFw Knoppers ; , StU Schneider, OLt Schneider, SCOTT LISK.

Greensboro Nc. Mittwoch, 6. James and Corinna Haggerty. Van Wert Ohio. Just wanted to say hi to everyone, hoping that some off our old friends are reading this.

So we can get in touch. We have changed our e-mail address. Wes and Maria Allison our computer crashed and we lost your e-mail, if you read this , please write us.

John Hanna we have been trying to find you guys. Bushfield, Seli, Ortiz etc. Jim and Corinna. Dienstag, 5. Rick and Susanne DICKERSON.

RICKSANNE FREENET. If there is anyone out there that can remember that far ago, please contact us. We still go there about twice a month to visit the "Family".

Maybe we can meet somewhere along the way. We are stationed in Heidelberg now. Montag, 4. Andreas Wierig.

Hoffe das diesen Eintrag jemand ,der auch zu der Zeit in Wildflecken war sieht,und antwortet. Heiblu t-online. Sorry, my English is not god. My Grandpa was by the US Army.

He becames on 27th, February , No. Now my Grandpa is dad, and i see the dokuments the first time. Wats posisiton or funktion has my grandpa in the US army?

I now that my Grandpa Solder of the Bundeswehr from to was. Please send the answer in german. I thank you very match Heiko Blumenschein.

Sonntag, 3. Terrance Terry D. Worland, Wyoming. B Company, 3rd ARB, 50th Infantry. I served as an assistant gunner, gunner and FDC on an 81mm Mortar.

It was kind of lonely being stationed there. I enjoyed being in the mortar platoon. I had originally enlisted in the straight infantry, somehow I ended up in heavy weapons thank God!

I remember it being very lonely there, with very few friends and no female friends! My claim to fame was that I recieved a maximum score on the gunner's test.

I was the only one in the battalion to do this. I was also TDY on the pistol team for a couple of months. This was really good duty, except all of my platoon members were jealous!!

I would like to hear from some of my old buddies: John C. Fullop, Istvan Szabo, Dennis Brezinski, Doyle Cardwell, Sam Combs.

Freitag, 1. Modesto, CA. JR Hutto. NTN-Kentucky msn. Louisvill, KY USA. Who is out there that I know? Oktober - Elle Ellen Shepard.

Director - The Performing Arts center - Darmstadt Germany. This is my 3rd. I was there a very long time and never had so much fun in my life! You loved it, you hated it..

My honey William and I went on a nostalgia trip about 2 months ago and they would not allow us on post. I cried for a half hour. I wanted William to see the place..

It was so strange being there and not being able to get on the post. I am in Darmstadt now with the rd.

Doing the thing I like best! Theatre - took a little downgrade to get back to Germany and it isn't quite the same, but it is still fun and I wouldn't trade living in Europe for anything!

I was the Entertainment Branch Chief there for years, Then the Marketing Division chief AND CRD chief for a bit before the place closed I miss it..

I miss my pals and I miss the ambience.. Darmstadt is nice, My Job is wonderful, But nothing has ever beat those special times at the "Top of the Rock"!

Byron R. Indianapolis, IN. Summer - Summer My wife, daughter and I spent many happy days at Wildflecken. Most of our tour we lived Quarters 6A, on A Strassa.

The main APO was at Wildflecken; however, I had postal units at Fulda Post and Bad Kissinger to serve the troops there. My unit was attached to the 3d ARB, 50th Inf for rations and quarters most of our time at Wildflecken.

About the last three months my unit was attached to the 54th Engineer Battalion. Virgil Vance. Sometime ago I wrote in the guestbook that Virgil was looking for Norman Barron and others he served with in Germany.

We did find Norman and they had a very nice reunion. I'm sorry to have to advise anyone who recognizes his name that Virgil passed away on July 27, - after three months in intensive care.

He very much enjoyed his time at Wildflecken and getting back with Norman was a highlight in his life. He loved to tell stories about his days in the service.



Co B MP Bn Wildflicken Det. Had a great time there. Spent two winters, Felt right at home, as I was raised in the foothill of the blueridge mountains of Virginia, I was use to the snow and hills.

Spent a lot of time at the Gausthause Spang. They had some great snitzels, drank a lot of the local beer. Vanderburg,Shannon,sgt koehler,walker Hibbard,Lattin,Woodall,Dunham,Allen.

If anyone of you see this let me hear from you. Montag, 7. RICK DOBRYDNIA. BR38Y evenlink. HAPPY TIMES. Freitag, 4. DAVID BUFFIE.

Just arrived home to Minneapolis from 3 weeks in Europe and the highlight was a return to Wildflecken after being gone for 36 years.

People, I want to tell you it was more beautiful than my memories or pictures could portray. Terrific couple, and Werner's cooking is unmatched.

If any of you should return to Wildflecken for a visit, I highly recommend staying here! I would like to thank Heinz Leitsch, who is the creator of this Web-Site, for taking the time and energy of getting my wife and I passes to allow us on Post and for giving us a guided tour.

Heinz also set up a time with Adolph, who has created a historical museum of Wildflecken Post of photos and artifacts, this one hour tour with Adolph will never be forgotten.

Although it is sad that the U. Army is no longer there and that the Post is just a shadow of what it once was, it still was wonderful to return.

Many thanks to you Heinz! September - Colonel John B. Cottingham, Wildflecken's Post Commander from ', succumbed to Bone Cancer this past Sunday, September 22nd.

Please fell free to inform anybody else you think may have an interest. Susan Edwards. Central Accounting Division.

Hello To those of you that remember me, I worked at the Central Accounting Division. A dear friend of ours, Charlie Peterson, has died.

Charlie was an auditor from V Corps, who regularly visited the Wildflecken community and had many friends on the base. I have not been in touch with any people from Wildflecken, but I wanted those people who knew Charlie to know of his passing.

He was a wonderful, kind-hearted, giving person and I will always remember him. I hope you will too. Thank You Susan Edwards.

James 92 - 94 Corinna 69 - Charles Moy. Big Red One. I was at Wildflecken twice in the early 60's with the 1st Inf.

Being a city boy and used to seeing only about 3 inches of dirty snow on the ground. The mountain top,valley and the view were out of this world.

The towns people were very friendly and kind to us. I wish I could go back for a visit some day. If I were permanent party stationed ther ,then maybe I would have thought differently.

I was only there for 4 months and then the second time for 7 months,and loved every minute of it!!! Sorry, Sorry,but he started it.

Modlos, Germany. Reserve Duty with PzArtBtl and German Army Warfighting Simulation Center. Hi guys, this is the webmaster speaking!

I'd like to call ya' all to ATTENTION and ask you, if there is a way for you to take this fight elsewhere or better, stop it. People are e-mailing me and tell me the language used get's more and more offensive and the whole matter sounds more or less ridiculous.

So, please stop fighting at this guest-book. AT EASE Chester'Your so full of shit I bet your eyes are brown. Go back and read all the messages starting with the one before yours shit for brains,You don't have the right to take offense to anything about Wildflecken,being called the Rock or not.

Or another one had gotten feeling guilty for living with a female from another unit[guess whitch one]so he calls his wife stateside and confesses his transgressions hangsup and promptly but not very efficently cuts the females throat.

I spent a week guarding that freak. Or maybe i just don't like you chester. I think you were,are,and always will be a punk ass bitch. You get called out on something and you backstep,doubletalk and whine to others I don't know what this guy Buds problem is Chester Hancock.

Maybe some of you can explain it to me , but I just don't understand what this guy BUD is so pissed about. My whole statement is about how hard the Wildflecken was on everyone there.

And it should be held to a higher standard than being called a rock. But he seems like he spent way too much time "smoking" or drunk to see what "The Sprit of Wildflecken" is all about.

It was held to a higher standard then and should be now. The only thing he knows who was "higher" on the mountain. But then again maybe you were the dumb shit for putting up with it.

After all any dumb ass animal would know when it time to come out of the rain, if he didn't need to be there. Do you remember The New Bn CDR's "open door policy" Chester Hancock Wah!

Freakin' Wah! BUSTIN' THEM IN THE HEADS! Either grunts, armor or other MPS, or whoever ran their mouths. What were you a clerk?

I'm talking about living 24 hrs out of every 48 in combat ready conditions, eating c-rats for three meals out of every six, sleeping when you got to sleep on a concrete floor, or if you lucky you got to spend your one to two hrs of sleep on a canvas cot.

Not whenever you commander got a hair up his butt or when all the brass were there for reforger. We did it every day at least every other day.

MPS, cooks, truck drivers, blacks, whites, mexican, etc. That cat you dissed would be serving your hot meal of the week or he would be driving your mail to the rear by the way, that is where you lived Chester!

Don't try to P down my back and tell me it's raining, supersoldier. I know how you lived and what you did for a job. Hell, I even know who cooked your meals while you were there.

So don't try to blow your chest out and get self-righteous for the people who read this. They know to if they were there.

Professor Loar, you sound like the grunts I served with. I would be inclined to believe you might have been one of those guys I stopped and shared the relative warmth of my jeep, coffee and, dare I say it I wish I could say I had never met a grunt I didn't like but, unfortunately, because of loudmouths like Chester Hancock I can't say that.

But, I can say I met a few true grunts that took whatever the Fleckin' threw and stayed the same. One was the best man at my wedding, Sgt.

Steve Everhart, who got his taste of standing A-hole deep in snow and getting forgotten because his relief was hung-over and sick. Sounds like Professor Loar got a taste of the same.

Although, you are awfully calm and quiet spoken for a fellow Texan. Simple fact is Chester, you had sham duty compared to us and, by the way, I think I mentioned I was an MP, not a Hawker.

I couldn't even turn one of those puppies on. But nobody ever penetrated our perimeter, friendly or otherwise, exercise or otherwise.

But I don't expect you to know this because you weren't even aware of what went on around you, unless it was a full blown alert or a game such as reforger.

It didn't matter to you guys. By the way, the only grunts or otherwise, can-do or no-can-do soldier that saw fit to interrupt my personal time off downtown ended up at the dispensary not the brig, because like I said time off was too precious and you had so little of it to spend enjoying the beautiful people and culture around us to waste one more second of it on people like you.

We usually just knocked them out and went on about our business. Later Professor. Maybe I will hear from you. One thing the army taught me is that competition is necessary but it is very important to know what team you are on.

But I know some did, which probably means you were able to meet and remember many grunts. Chester, you were in Bravo at the same time I was in Charlie company.

Feel free to refresh my memory. And you are so right about the way people looked when they spoke of Wildflecken. The Army there seemed a lot more real than the Army stateside.

Professor Loar Doctor Of Gruntology and founder of the History That No One Really Needs Institute. Hey "Bud" first I never tried to give you a lesson in history.

If you are so dumb and could not see the true meaning of my comments a lesson in history would never get though to your thick skull anyway.

The comment I made was we should not put Wildflecken into the same category as all the other places in Germany called the rock.

Wildflecken is above them all That's Wildflecken is above them all and not just one unit. We all should have some more pride about Wildflecken because we all passed the test.

When other soldiers stationed elsewhere; would talk about Wildflecken you could see the fear in their eyes and the respect they had for the place we called home and could not wait to get back to.

Now if you can't see or understand that maybe you have yet to recover from the "ASS KICKING" you got from that "Can Do Soldier".

Now for the history lesson if you were there from 79 to 82 you were there during the good times. Now I can have some appreciation for those that came before me.

The curfew; no one allowed downtown passed midnight Opps except for your bothers at the MP station , and only AFRTS Radio, some TV but not much.

Now I know that is more than the guys before me had, and I do understand that. Kaarel Tanner. Glendale, California.

Nov ' 62 to Jun ' Hq Co 54th Engrs. A great experience,the good,the bad and the ugly, all of it. Went back in July for a visit.

Hubert was still running the Rod and Gun Club. Hard to believe the U. And Rest Assured, no grunts were looking at us unless they were looking up, way up.

Or maybe our history professor remembers a little mountain named Eierhauc. And the grunts had it better than any of us.

They also lived on WTA Kassern Proper, which was on the Rock, admittedly, but a long way from the top of it. We were the ones working 24 on 24 off dealing with the HAWK on TOP OF THE ROCK!

So I have no patience for a loud mouth grunt now. I put up with it for 2 yrs and I won't listen to it 20 yrs later.

I say again, the only people on or above our tac-site went thru us. And the only grunts that went thru us were German. That is, like I said the "TOP!!

OF THE ROCK". Memories fade with time, and I take no real offense in the fact that someone may not remember seeing any GRUNTS on TOP OF THE ROCK.

Rest assure that the GRUNTS saw you. I won't presume to give a history lesson about the 3rd Infantry Division "THE ROCK OF THE MARNE".

With today's world wide web, if you are really interested, you can find it. The hawk that I most remember was the one that blew through the best cold weather gear and the walk up "THE HILL".

I hope that no offense is taken by my comments. Remember, we were all there. Maybe I didn't make it clear but what I was saying that wildflecken itself was the top of the rock out of all the places in germany where the GI's called home.

But we all that were stationed there should take pride in the fact that we had the honor of being at the top of all the rocks in germany.

And not just my unit. Dec 79 - Dec And I saw alot of Hawkers [as in Hawk Missle operators],Generator-Hundes[and they all know we meant that lovingly],Motor poole wrenches,and us guarding it 24 on 24 off.

And of course the Germans who lived even higher on the tip-top of the Rock But try as I might Murrieta, California. January to December B Co 2nd Bn 15th Inf Regt.

Well I could not stand it any more, so I would like to set some of you straight. Some of you have called "Wildflecken" The Rock, well I take offense to that term.

During my tour alot of places were called the rock. In my unit it was known as "THE TOP OF THE ROCK". We proclaimed the name upon our own rock at the front gate, as a matter of fact ours was the first one you saw as you came in the gate, to welcome you home.

If you were lucky enough to there when the best Infantry Battalion in the 3rd Infantry Division was there protecting the line at the "Top of the Rock".

I finaly found his message,I guess everyone I knew is dead, or maybe in jail. Lesa McEntire Crawford. Soda Springs Id. I was a dependant, of James A.

Wildflecken is my favorite place that we were stationed and has filled my memories with joy. I was in the 6th and 7th grade when we were there and would love to hear from any one I might know.

Teachers included. Also if any one knows where abouts of Shirley Shulz Tell , Katie Brown? Joey Crawley, Adrien Trottier please mail me.

Best to you all! Sonntag, 8. Patrick Hüllmantel. Schönau ,Bavaria. Ich war getern zu Besuch im Lager. Es ist zum heulen.

Ich bin froh und stolz in diesem Btl gedient zu haben!! Gruss an alle "Bumsköpfe"vom letzten Waffenhöck feldwebel. I will always remember the first time I heard the name "Wildflecken", I was in Wurzberg waiting for my assignment.

The Assignment SGT said the worst place to go in Germany was "Wildflecken". And the rest is what horror stories and great memories are made of.

Donnerstag, 5. Richard Stumpf. Neues Lager Hallo,alte Kameraden Nach meiner Grundausbildung in Wildflecken bin ich nach Mellrichstadt zum 1.

BTL versetzt worden. Am Kameraden mit denen ich zusammen war und die mich noch kennen bitte ich um Kontakaufnahme.

August - I'm coming to see you next week for an exercice with plenty military bye. Brigitte Hemann. Nov 85 - July MP Station MPI.

Passing through the Wildflecken area often and occasionally reading this guestbook brings back so many memories that I feel compelled to write at last.

I cannot believe it has been so long since we had to leave "the hill" because of the base closure. Wildflecken was a place you either hated or loved, but - judging from the entries in this guestbook - it seems like no one was completely indifferent to it.

Being a nature lover myself, I enjoyed every season, from the masses of snow that some of you hated so much to wonderful summer days and especially the view of the Kreuzberg from my office window.

At times the sun was shining brightly on post, but the valleys below were foggy or cloudy. Then it was like sitting on top of the world. But what made Wildflecken most memorable to me were the people.

Many wonderful and interesting people crossed my path there, some not so nice ones, too. And although I lost touch with all but a few, none will be forgotten for what I learned through them and the impact some had on my life.

My time in Wildflecken was something I would not want to miss for anything in the world. Greetings to all of you out there who remember "the best kept secret".

Richard Zalybniuk. Browns Mills New Jersey. Co C 54th ENGR BN. My new E-MAIL address. Manfred Mehler. Schade das man nirgends einen Hinweis findet, auch keine Bilder oder sonst etwas über die 3.

Panzeraufklärungskompanie des PzAufkl-Bataillons mit Sitz in Ebern. George Renzi. DEC 90 to DEC Delta 54th Maintenance Platoon.

What a wild and crazy 2 years at "the rock". I met some awesome people while I was there. Got shot at by Iraqis, froze in the field fixing all the wheeled vehicles, got "free trips" to Turkey, England, and Italy as NATO , had weekly bar fights with Rob at the NCO club and Bad Bruckenau club, got drunk at various locations in Deutschland and just had a great time.

I forgot more than I remember There are just too many friends to list them all Louis "Rob" Robertson, Gary Sefton, Kent "Scrave" Cristen, Everett Johnson, George McAllister, SSG Hector Salazar, Mahaffey, Bob Snowberger, and many, many more.

Did not realize how good we had it in Wildwflecken until years later. I would love to hear from anyone that I spent time with over there.

Rodney Gabriel. Houston, Texas WTA Head Quarters Range Control. Changed my E mail address. The rock was tough but in retrospect it made me tough.

Harry Reinhart. Hallo everybody! Since I had a lot reqests about placing some more pictures of current Wildflecken and surroundings to the net, I added 8 more Panorama Pictures to my Website.

There is a total of 18 now. Want to see? Donnerstag, 8. Steven M Travers. Wahpeton N D. Iwas a cook and loved and hated Wildflecken.

I still think it was my best duty station. Would like to hear from any and all. I wonder what the economy is like there now.

I know some Germans didnt like us too much. I wonder how they feel now? Dienstag, 6. Wahpeton ND. I somehow stumbled across this page today and it blew my mind.

I would love to hear from anybody at all who was there at this time or remembers me. I remember SSgtMurray,Lewis,Covosos,Harrison,both J.

Ilearned allot about life from you guys. I stayed in the Army for a while and never had N. O's as great as you guy's.

I remember Jerry Floods, Joe Whooten, Jim lawrentson, Charles Praiter, Tim gilliam,Doyle, Steve Frisbee. I find myself thinking of you people often.

Please contact me anytime. Iwas told by one of my N. O's "after I was whinning about how bad we had it there" that I wouhld look back on t.

Sonntag, 4. Marc Berkeyheiser. Donnerstag, 1. Juli - Glenn D. When I arrived at the train station and looked up the hill I said to my self "what am I getting into", well my stay at Wildflecken was bitter sweet.

I had some good times and some bad times, but mostly it was cold.

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Erscheinungsjahr Sonntag, 8. Would love to hear from some of you guys. Freitag, 4. I am in Darmstadt now with the rd. Hey Garry Owen, I hope that all my troop mates are doing well. It just brought back all the fond memories of my short stint Rojadirect Wildflecken. Which I Bmovies in July of Bumsköpfe When the Normandy invasion started we Meine Heile Welt sent Blueheaven France and engaged the seventh U. Brian Handyside. I was just an amazing time for me, and I'll always have good memories of the hill. Some people I remember was Bumsköpfe best friend "Froggie", Dennis Gobel from Canada. Worland, Wyoming.

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