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Zudem vershnen sich John und Paula und nehmen ihre Beziehung erneut auf.

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Die attraktive Sekretärin Marion Crane ist verliebt in den geschiedenen Eisenwarenhändler Sam Loomis, der sie jedoch nicht heiraten will. Da er finanzielle. Psycho im Fernsehen - TV Programm: Die Sekretärin Marion Crane hat Sex am Nachmittag, klaut ihrem Chef 40 Dollar und verduftet aus der Stadt. LIEBE MITGLIEDER & FREUNDE: Willkommen in der Gruppe für Geilokay, PSYCHO-TV & Export in Mainz, Koblenz, Freiburg, Hannover, Ulm, Solothurn​.

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Die attraktive Sekretärin Marion Crane ist verliebt in den geschiedenen Eisenwarenhändler Sam Loomis, der sie jedoch nicht heiraten will. Da er finanzielle. Psycho - Psychothriller im TV Programm - RBB, Vor 56 Jahren inszenierte Hitchcock in diesem brillanten Werk den Fernsehprogramm. Das Psyco TV Kodi Addon bündelt viele verschiedene IPTV Addons in eine große Erweiterung. Der Fokus liegt auf deutschen Sendern.

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An Introduction to Film Psycho TV - A New Platform for Filmmakers - What is and Why Film Psycho TV 🎬

Psycho Tv A sound lures him to the attic, where he is locked Psycho Tv. The Top TV Shows as Rated by Women on IMDb in Upon pulling back the shower curtain, it is revealed Maureen has attempted Niko And The Sword Of Light by cutting her wrists, a sight which snaps Norman back to his "normal" side. Kinox.De KinofilmeThe Psycho Legacy documentary was released as a 2 disc set with the 87 minute documentary and Fernseh Schauen Kostenlos hours of special features. After Norman's arrest, forensic psychiatrist Dr. Gmx Fernsehen Blood is Frauen 1920. He is introduced to the motel's new Tickets Grill Den Henssler 2021, Warren Toomey Dennis Franz. Never Back Down Online would have to say he was the most difficult and challenging actor I've ever worked with, but he ended up going on and on about how happy he was with the film. All of the rotting wood was replaced and the set had a new paint job. Celebrate Black History Month with IMDb's exclusive galleries, recommendations, videos, and more. User Ratings. Wenn du die Stream Sky Bundesliga weiter nutzt, gehen wir von deinem Einverständnis aus. Die Versionsnummer im Dateinamen kann möglicherweise höher sein als in dieser Anleitung. PsychoBugs - Need a hug? Welche Hardware verwendest du?

Everyone thinks him to be successful and happily married. No one suspects the truth and no one wants to hear it. A year ago Oleg's wife has disappeared.

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Episode Guide. In his first TV-series Fedor Bondarchuk depicts a story of a popular psychotherapist Oleg who seems to be in a desperate need of help.

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Share this Rating Title: Bates Motel — 8. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

Show HTML View more styles. Episodes Seasons. Nominated for 3 Primetime Emmys. Edit Cast Series cast summary: Vera Farmiga Norma Louise Bates 50 episodes, Freddie Highmore Norman Bates 50 episodes, Max Thieriot Dylan Massett 50 episodes, Olivia Cooke Emma Decody 49 episodes, Nestor Carbonell Edit Storyline "Bates Motel" is a contemporary prequel to the genre-defining film "Psycho," and gives a portrayal of how Norman Bates' Freddie Highmore psyche unravels through his teenage years.

Taglines: Blood is thicker. Edit Did You Know? Trivia The company that Marion Crane Rihanna works at is named R. Bloch, an homage to Robert Bloch who wrote the original novel Psycho, upon which Bates Motel is based.

Robert Bloch was one of the youngest members of the Lovecraft Circle and was mentored by H. Lovecraft himself. Goofs In "Psycho" Norman tells Marion that he only stuffs birds.

He stated he could never do a dog or a cat like other people. However, in "Bates Motel" he first acquires his interest in taxidermy with a dog and is seen working on other mammals as well.

Quotes Norma Louise Bates : Why do crazy people keep gravitating towards me? Crazy Credits Names in the main credits have one letter in each part of the name in blue neon, like the Bates Motel sign.

The letter is usually at or near the middle of the name. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Frequently Asked Questions Q: How old is Norman Bates meant to be?

Q: Why is this show set in modern day? Q: How much time has passed during the series? Edit Details Official Sites: Official Facebook Official site.

Country: USA. He agrees to Duane's blackmail demands, but he then unexpectedly throws an ashtray at Duane's head. They fight and Norman seemingly kills Duane by hitting him several times with his own guitar.

Terrified of what he has done, he blames "Mother" for this. Tracy talks to Statler and Myrna Lee Garlington about Mrs. Spool and discovers she was working at the diner before Statler bought it from Harvey Leach.

Tracy meets with Leach, a resident at an assisted living facility, and is informed that Mrs. Spool had also once been institutionalized for murder.

Meanwhile, Norman drives Duane's car to the swamp with Duane and Patsy's bodies in it. Duane turns out to be alive and attacks Norman, who accidentally drives the car into the swamp.

He struggles out of the car while Duane drowns. Tracy reads some old newspapers at her study and discovers about the "Bates kidnapping".

Maureen convinces herself that Norman is her true love. She returns to the motel and takes a shower before visiting Norman at his house.

They share a tender moment at the top of the staircase when "Mother" shouts furiously at Norman, which startles him and causes him to lose grip on Maureen's hands.

She falls down the stairs into the Cupid statue at the base of the stairs. She goes limp and sinks to the floor revealing the arrow had punctured her skull.

Distraught, Norman screams and confronts his mother, saying that he will get her for this. At that moment, Tracy arrives at the motel and tries to find Maureen.

She enters the house only to find her lying dead on the couch of the living room which is filled with lit candles.

Then she sees Norman dressed as "Mother", holding a knife, and tries to flee. She tries to reason with Norman by explaining his family history: Emma Spool, who was in fact his aunt, was in love with Norman's father, but he married her sister, Norma, instead.

Spool, having serious psychological problems, kidnapped Norman when he was a baby after she killed Mr. Bates, believing Norman was the child "she should have had with him.

Spool's corpse in the bedroom, and Norman takes off his mother's dress. The last scene shows Sheriff Hunt taking Norman to his squad car, with Father Brian and Tracy following behind.

Hunt informs Norman that they may never let him out of the institution again, Norman replies, "But I'll be free I'll finally be free.

He smiles sardonically as the screen fades to black and the credits roll. Bates Motel ignores the existence of Psycho 2 and 3 and would in turn be ignored by Psycho IV , with Norman Bates never being released from the mental institution to allow the events of those films.

Alex West Bud Cort is a mentally disturbed youth who was admitted to the asylum for killing his abusive stepfather. At the asylum, he roomed with Norman Bates Kurt Paul and they eventually became close friends.

Years later, Norman dies and Alex learns that he has inherited the Bates Motel. He travels to Norman's California hometown renamed Fairville for this film; in the original film it was Fairvale and with a little help from teenage runaway Willie Lori Petty and local handyman Henry Watson Moses Gunn , Alex struggles to re-open the motel for business.

Alex gets a loan to renovate the motel, but the project is plagued with rumors about the place being haunted by the ghost of Norman's mother, Mrs.

Bates , and the discovery of her remains, as well as those of her late husband, buried on the grounds of the motel.

When recovering the remains of Mrs. Bates, the sheriff said that the body "was never found," which seems to conflict with the original Psycho, with Mrs.

Bates in the basement where Norman is finally captured by Sam Loomis. While renovating the motel, Alex sees Mrs.

Bates in her bedroom window, and sees the corpse of her late husband from the same window, supporting the idea that the property is haunted.

Willie becomes suspicious and eventually they find that the haunting was a prank by the bank manager, Tom Fuller Gregg Henry , who had approved a loan with predatory terms with Alex and was trying to sabotage the motel by trying to scare him away.

Tom is then forced to help Alex and the others by negotiating friendlier payment terms for the loan or face prison for fraud.

Meanwhile, not all ghost stories turn out to be hoaxes as Barbara Peters Kerrie Keane books a room in Alex's motel for the night, contemplating suicide for getting older, going through three divorces without children.

Barbara meets a teenage girl Khrystyne Haje , who invites Barbara to dance at an after prom party in the motel with her and her teenage friends, including Tony Scotti Jason Bateman , though Barbara felt uncomfortable hanging with young kids.

It is then revealed that Barbara's real name is Sally, and that the teenage girl took her own life 25 years ago and is now trapped in "the other side", along with Tony, and other teens who also committed suicide.

She tells Barbara that she has a life worth living for, before leaving with the rest of the group. Barbara leaves the motel the next day, planning to live her life to the fullest.

Alex looks at the screen telling viewers, "If you ever need a room, come by. I can't say for sure what you'll find, but it is what makes the world go around.

Fran Ambrose CCH Pounder is a radio talk show host who is talking on the topic of "matricide" when children kill their mothers with guest Dr.

Richmond Warren Frost , who was Norman Bates ' former psychologist. The radio receives a call from Norman Bates Anthony Perkins , who has re-entered society and married his former psychiatrist, Connie Donna Mitchell.

Under the alias of "Ed" possibly a reference to Ed Gein, the killer after whom the character of Norman was modeled , Norman tells his story, which the audience sees as a series of flashbacks set in the s and s.

Some flashbacks are slightly out of order. The chronological story is: In , Norman's mother, Norma Bates Olivia Hussey had schizophrenia see Psycho II ; she was smothering Norman and would have violent mood swings.

Due to Norman's sexual repression at her hands, when she was frolicking with him he had an incestuous erection, causing her to dress him in women's clothing and taunt him by calling him "Norma.

Eventually Norman got fed up with her allowing Chet to be in their lives and poisoned them both, albeit reluctantly. He then developed his infamous multiple personality disorder and stole her corpse to create the illusion that she was alive - whenever her corpse spoke to him, the "Norma" personality would take over.

This caused Norman as "Norma" to kill two women who wanted to have sex with him. Throughout the spaces in the flashbacks, Dr.

Richmond realizes "Ed" is Norman and tries to convince Fran to trace the calls. Richmond's worries are dismissed because they cannot trace the call and they believe they can talk Norman out of the reason he called: he fears he will kill again.

He tells Fran that Connie got pregnant against his wishes and that he does not want another "monster". He then tells Fran he does believe his mother is dead, but he will kill Connie "with my own hands, just like the first time".

He then takes Connie to his mother's house and attempts to kill her, but after Connie reassures Norman that their child will not be a monster, he drops his knife in shame and Connie forgives him.

He then burns the house where all his unhappiness began. As he tries to escape the flames, he hallucinates that he sees his victims, Chet, his mother and eventually himself preserving her corpse.

He and Connie leave the scene with Norman stating, "I'm free. A highway patrol officer awakens her and, suspicious of her agitated state, begins to follow her.

When she trades her car for another one at a dealership, he notes the new vehicle's details. The proprietor, Norman Bates Vince Vaughn , tells Marion he rarely has customers because of a new interstate nearby and mentions he lives with his mother in the house overlooking the motel.

He invites Marion to have supper with him. She overhears Norman arguing with his mother about letting Marion in the house, and during the meal she angers him by suggesting he institutionalize his mother.

He admits he would like to do so, but does not want to abandon her. He cleans the bathroom and places Marion's body, wrapped in the shower curtain, and all her possessions — including the money — in the trunk of her car and sinks it in a nearby swamp Shortly afterward, Sam is contacted by both Marion's sister Lila Crane Julianne Moore and private detective Milton Arbogast William H.

Macy , who has been hired by Marion's employer to find her and recover the money. Arbogast calls Lila to update her and tells her he will contact her again within an hour after he questions Norman's mother.

Arbogast enters Norman's house and at the top of the stairs is attacked by a figure who slashes his face three times with a knife, pushes him down the stairs, then stabs him to death.

Deputy Sheriff Al Chambers Philip Baker Hall is perplexed to learn Arbogast saw a woman in a window, since Norman's mother died ten years ago.

She rejects the idea and orders him out of her room, but against her will Norman carries her to the cellar.

While Sam distracts Norman, Lila sneaks into the house to search for his mother. Sam suggests to Norman that he killed Marion for the money so he could buy a new motel.

Realizing Lila is not around, Norman knocks Sam unconscious with a golf club and rushes to the house. Fred Richmond Robert Forster tells Sam and Lila that Norman's dead mother is living in Norman's psyche as an alternate personality.

When his mother found a lover, Norman went over the edge with jealousy and murdered both of them. Consumed with guilt, he tried to "erase the crime" by bringing his mother back to life in his mind.

When he is "Mother", he acts, talks, and dresses as she would. Norman imagined his mother would be as jealous of a woman to whom he might be attracted just as he was of his mother's lover, and so "Mother" kills any woman he has feelings for; when Norman regains consciousness, he believes that his mother has committed the crime, and covers up for her.

It is implied that Norman is responsible for the unsolved disappearances of two young girls. Richmond concludes that the "Mother" personality has now taken complete control of Norman's mind.

In a voiceover, "Mother" explains that she plans to prove to the authorities she is incapable of violence by refusing to swat a fly that has landed on her hand.

The final shot shows Marion's car being recovered from the swamp, and then goes to end credits. The series is a television reboot set in the s and chronicle Norman Bates ' early childhood with his mother and how she drove him to become a killer.

Bates Motel takes place in the modern day and stars Freddie Highmore as young Norman Bates and Vera Farmiga as Mrs.

It premiered on March 18, and produced five seasons for a total of 50 episodes. The series was shot in Vancouver with a replica of the Psycho house from Universal Studios Hollywood and a recreation of the original Bates Motel from the first movie.

The original interior sets have also been recreated. Psycho is based on the novel of the same name by Robert Bloch which in turn is based loosely on the case of convicted Wisconsin murderer Ed Gein.

Both had deceased, domineering mothers, and had sealed off one room of their house as a shrine to their mother, and both dressed in women's clothing.

However, there are many differences between Bates and Ed Gein. Among others, Gein would not be strictly considered a serial killer, having officially killed "only" two people.

Hitchcock also faced genre competitors whose works were critically compared to his own and so wanted to film new material.

The director also disliked stars' salary demands and trusted only a few people to choose prospective material, including Robertson. Paramount executives did not want to produce the film and refused to provide the budget that Hitchcock received from them for previous films with the studio.

He proposed this cost-conscious approach to Paramount but executives again refused to finance the film, telling him their sound stages were occupied or booked even though production was known to be in a slump.

Hitchcock countered with the offer to finance the film personally and to film it at Universal-International if Paramount would distribute. This offer was finally accepted.

Hitchcock also experienced resistance from producer Herbert Coleman and Shamley Productions executive Joan Harrison , who did not think the film would be a success.

Hitchcock hired writer James Cavanaugh to write a draft of the screenplay. Unsatisfied with Cavanaugh's screenplay, Hitchcock then hired up-and-coming writer Joseph Stefano to adapt the novel.

The film began shooting in December and would go on to last about a month. It was filmed mostly on the backlot of Universal and in various sound stages.

During shooting, Hitchcock was forced to uncharacteristically do retakes for some scenes. The final shot in the shower scene, which starts with an extreme close-up on Marion's eye and pulls up and out, proved very difficult for Leigh, since the water splashing in her face made her want to blink, and the cameraman had trouble as well since he had to manually focus while moving the camera.

Retakes were also required for the opening scene, since Hitchcock felt that Leigh and Gavin were not passionate enough. Hitchcock forced retakes until all three elements were to his satisfaction.

Psycho was released on June 16, to mixed critical reception and financial success, making thirty-two million dollars in its theatrical run.

The film received four Academy Award nominations. In , author Robert Bloch published his novel Psycho II , which satirized Hollywood slasher films. Upset by this, Universal decided to make their own version that differed from Bloch's work.

Franklin hired writer Tom Holland to write the screenplay after Franklin had seen The Beast Within , which Holland had written. Holland stated: "I approached it with more trepidation because I was doing a sequel to Psycho and I had an overwhelming respect for Hitchcock.

You didn't want to mess it up, you really had almost a moral obligation to make something that stayed true to the original and yet updated it the same time.

It really was the next step, what happens when Norman gets out". The assistant director of the original Psycho , Hilton A. Green , was contacted and asked if he wanted to produce the film.

Green, fearing that Hitchcock may not have approved of sequels to his films, called Hitchcock's daughter Patricia Hitchcock and asked what she thought of the film.

Patricia Hitchcock gave her blessing to the film, saying that her father would have loved it. Psycho II was filmed at Universal Studios in Universal City, California on Stage 24 from June 30, to August The Bates house set was still standing from , but the motel had to be reconstructed.

The film was made much like the first film; it was mostly shot on the backlot of Universal and on a number of sound stages.

Several props and set pieces from the original film were found by set designers John W. Corso and Julie Fletcher. The town of Fairvale seen when Lila Loomis is tailed by Dr.

Raymond is actually Courthouse Square , which is located on the Universal Studios backlot in California. Both Franklin and Holland wanted the film to be a tribute to Hitchcock and the original film; to accomplish this, they added in various in jokes such as the scene when Mary and Norman first go into Norman's mother's room, before they turn the lights on; one can see Alfred Hitchcock's silhouette on the wall to the far right.

Franklin also repeated various shots from the original film such as the shot where Norman walks into the kitchen and sets his jacket down on the chair.

Perkins had difficulty working with actress Meg Tilly due to Tilly never seeing the original film and not being aware of the significance of Perkins' comeback role.

Midway through production, Perkins suggested that Tilly be replaced even though half of her scenes had been shot. The ending of the film was kept secret during production.

The final pages of the shooting script with the ending on it weren't distributed to cast and crew until the last day of filming.

The iconic last shot of the movie with Norman standing in front of the house was used as a Christmas card for various crew members.

When Universal presented concept art for the one-sheet film poster, director Franklin wasn't pleased with it. It was editor Andrew London who came up with the idea of using the Christmas card photo as the film poster and also came up with the tagline: "It's 22 years later and Norman Bates is coming home".

Psycho II was generally received well by the public and critics and was a surprise box office success.

However, film critics Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert both gave the film thumbs down on At the Movies , specifically for its failure to live up to the original.

But if you can accept this movie on its own terms, as a fresh start, and put your memories of Hitchcock on hold, then Psycho II begins to work.

It's too heavy on plot and too willing to cheat about its plot to be really successful, but it does have its moments, and it's better than your average, run-of-the-mill slasher movie.

With the surprise financial and critical success of Psycho II , Universal began development on a second sequel. Writer Charles Edward Pogue was hired to write the screenplay.

In Pogue's first draft of the film, it was Duane who was the killer and had intentionally come to the Bates Motel because he was obsessed with Norman.

Maureen was a neurotic psychologist who had come to the motel to replace Dr. Raymond from the previous film. Pogue had intended to cast original victim Janet Leigh in the role.

Universal rejected these ideas, arguing that Bates had to be the killer and Leigh was wrong for the film. However, Maureen's actions remained virtually unchanged; her character was merely changed to a young nun.

After the second draft of the screenplay was completed, it was sent to Perkins as an acting job. After Perkins read the script, he wanted to direct the film, saying he would do it for nothing.

Universal agreed to this. When the film went into pre-production, Anthony Perkins asked Psycho II director Richard Franklin to co-direct the film with him; however Franklin declined.

Filming for Psycho III began in June Perkins' main inspiration for the style of this film came from the movie Blood Simple directed by the Coen brothers.

Before production began, he even took the entire cast and crew to a screening of the film. Like the two previous films, it was mostly shot on the backlot of Universal and in a number of sound stages.

Despite Psycho III being Perkins' film directorial debut, the cast and crew have said in interviews that he was enjoyable to work with.

Lee Garlington , who played the waitress Myrna, stated: "I have never to this date met a director who worked equally well with both the cast and crew.

He was excited to be doing it, I adored him". During filming, actor Jeff Fahey suffered an on-set injury.

When filming the scene where Norman is hitting Duke with the guitar, Anthony Perkins actually hit Jeff Fahey so hard that it cut his head open and he had to get six stitches.

A shot of Fahey's actual injury was used in the final film. Universal originally wanted to release the film in February but the release was moved to July 2, due to various re-shoots that included the ending.

Psycho III was released on July 2, to a mixed response from critics and financial failure. Roger Ebert gave the film three out of five stars, saying: "Any movie named "Psycho III" is going to be compared to the Hitchcock original, but Perkins isn't an imitator.

He has his own agenda. He has lived with Norman Bates all these years, and he has some ideas about him, and although the movie doesn't apologize for Norman, it does pity him.

For the first time, I was able to see that the true horror in the "Psycho" movies isn't what Norman does - but the fact that he is compelled to do it.

Dave Kehr of The Chicago Reader said: "Perkins tries to imitate Hitchcock's visual style, but most of the film is made without concern for style of any kind, unless it's the bludgeoning nonstyle of Friday the 13th.

With the financial failure of Psycho III , Universal decided to continue the Psycho franchise as a television series, Bates Motel , taking inspiration from the Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street TV series.

In this televised spin-off of Psycho , Norman Bates is portrayed by Kurt Paul , who previously stood in as a stunt double for Anthony Perkins in Psycho II and Psycho III.

Perkins declined involvement in the project and even heavily boycotted it. The film was made as a pilot for a weekly anthology television series, but the series was never picked up.

The film received mostly negative reviews and low Nielson ratings. A year after Bates Motel aired, production on Psycho IV: The Beginning began.

Perkins wanted to direct the film and even came up with a pitch for the film along with Psycho III screenwriter Charles Edward Pogue; however Psycho III was a critical and financial failure so Universal rejected that idea and Mick Garris was brought in.

He had disliked the two films between I and IV, feeling that they were too commercial and catered to the conventions of slasher movies.

Actress Olivia Hussey was directly offered the role of Mrs. It was the intention of writer Joseph Stefano to make her at a young age as attractive as Norman had been in the first film.

When Henry Thomas was cast as young Norman Bates , Perkins wanted to meet with him and discuss the role.

In the documentary The Psycho Legacy , Thomas stated: "Looking back on it now, he knew he had to have this conversation with me but I don't think that he was really into it.

He just gave me a few broad strokes and told me to play the character real, that was it. During filming, Perkins had been diagnosed with HIV and had to receive treatment during production.

Director Mick Garris has stated in numerous interviews that he had some creative control issues with Perkins. He could be very forceful, just shy of bullying, but also really appreciated helpful direction.

I would have to say he was the most difficult and challenging actor I've ever worked with, but he ended up going on and on about how happy he was with the film.

That was gratifying", Garris says. Psycho IV: The Beginning was filmed at Universal Studios Florida in Orlando, Florida from June 4 to July 13, The facade of the Bates Motel and the Bates mansion were re-created at the theme park.

The production was originally to be filmed before the opening of the park but due to delays and the studio's desire to have a high-profile production on the lot, the film was shot while the park was open.

This led to tourists being able to watch the filming of several scenes at the motel and house on the back lot. The film received mixed reviews when first broadcast on Showtime.

Henry Stewart of L Magazine said: "Garris evinces high-grade professionalism, but his comic-book approximations of real emotions—like desire, madness and murderlust—feel empty.

Psycho. A psychotic motel owner obsesses over his late mother while becoming the prime suspect in a murder case involving one of his recent guests—a pretty secretary who checked into the. Psycho II () Psycho III () Psycho IV: The Beginning () There was also an unrelated TV movie, Bates Motel, involving a man named Alex (Bud Cort) who'd befriended Norman while being institutionalized with him, and on his release learns that the now . Theatre Mode (alt+t) Fullscreen (f) Stream Chat.

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Psycho Tv
Psycho Tv Trailers and Mutter Tochter Tattoo. Book Category. Official Sites. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Created by Anthony Cipriano, Carlton Cuse, Kerry Ehrin. With Vera Farmiga, Freddie Highmore, Max Thieriot, Nicola Peltz. A contemporary prequel to Psycho, giving a portrayal of how Norman Bates' psyche unravels through his teenage years, and how deeply intricate his relationship with his mother, Norma, truly is. My Dad interrupts our viewing of Logan Paul vs KSI and smashes the heroes3hota.comIBE FOR MORE: STORYFIRE (Apple): heroes3hota.comc. There are no TV airings of Psycho in the next 14 days. Add Psycho to your Watchlist to find out when it's coming back. Check if it is available to stream online via "Where to Watch". the psycho series was a very controversial series while it was running because Jesse Ridgeway the creator and leading actor portrayed the series as being real when it was just a series however this was one of the series greatest strengths because while it was running a lot of people thought it was real which got them invested and every one who worked on the series was clearly invested as they had to hide when fans came to the house or act in character in public not to mention the acting was. Created by Steve Franks. With James Roday Rodriguez, Dulé Hill, Timothy Omundson, Corbin Bernsen. A novice sleuth is hired by the Police after he cons them into thinking he has psychic powers which help solve crimes. Das Psyco TV Kodi Addon bündelt viele verschiedene IPTV Addons in eine große Erweiterung. Der Fokus liegt auf deutschen Sendern. Die attraktive Sekretärin Marion Crane ist verliebt in den geschiedenen Eisenwarenhändler Sam Loomis, der sie jedoch nicht heiraten will. Da er finanzielle. Psycho im TV | Finden Sie einfach die besten Sendungen im TV-Programm heute. Ihr Fernsehprogramm auf einen Blick. Vorschau zu PSYCHO. Alle Sendungen im TV-Programm der nächsten Wochen. Infos und Fotos zu Ihrer Serie im Fernsehprogramm.

Veröffentlicht in 3d filme stream deutsch.

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